Bus Duct

A bus duct is metal raceway the supports and contains a group of electrical bus bars. The duct comes in standard 10-foot lengths. One of the greatest advantages of bus ducts is that they are capable of adding or removing a branch circuit without removing voltage from the whole duct.These ducts have inbuilt CRCA, stainless steel & aluminum enclosures which are used to carry power from transformer to the panels. These are helpful for distributing power from the panels to the different floors of the building.

Leveraging on the vast experience of the industry, we are the one among all leading organizations in Bus-Duct manufacturing stream, for the past 4 years. Our products include Isolated Phase Bus-duct, Segregated Phase and Non Segregated Phase Bus-duct and its accessories, LAVT Panels, CT Marshaling Box as per supplier requirement. We have spray paint facilities to give complete solution to our valued suppliers. We have a highly qualified skilled and experienced team of engineers and technicians/welders and are equipped with all tools and tackles required for light and heavy steel structure fabrications. We have well placed quality system and believe in quality of product on time delivery. We have supplied and erected successfully different type of Busduct of various rating at different sites of IFFCO, J K PAPER LTD and other valuable clients.

While manufacturing these ducts, the professionals appointed by us make use of latest machines and optimum quality components.

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